воскресенье, 10 сентября 2017 г.

Happy Birthday, Minsk!

Minsk has celebrated its 950th Birthday. The program of the celebration was enormous.

-          Minsk 950th Anniversary Balloon Cup
Balloon pilots from 7 countries came to the Belarusian capital to take part in 4 competitive flights over the city on 8-10 September.
-          Musical Fountains Show
Musical Fountains Show is an international musical project where three elements – water, music and light – merge together. Dancing water rising skywards, live music, performance by soloists of the Opera and Ballet Theatre and an incredible laser show took place in the Victory Park on Friday evening.
-          Historical Festival ‘Ancient Minsk’
The festival included an array of re-enactment shows – from the battles of the Middle Ages to the First and Second World Wars.
-          Festival of Bread
A lot of fresh bakery, tastings and baking master-classes were organized at a fair near the Palace of Sports. The contest of the best karavai bread was also on the menu!
-          Parachuting and Air Festival
A parachuting show and a reconstruction of an air combat on Yak-52 jets were organized on Saturday near Chizhovka-Arena.
-          Rock and Presidential Orchestra Show
One of the best Belarusian rock bands J:mors played live together with the Presidential Orchestra of Belarus on Saturday evening. It was the first open-air (and definitely the most large-scale) performance for the unusual duo.
-          Minsk Half Marathon 2017
The biggest and most colourful sports event of the Belarusian capital gathered about 30,000 runners. The atmosphere was really cool and electrifying.
-          Tankman’s Day
You surely know how obsessed Belarusians are with WWII – we even invented a computer game about it.No wonder Tankman’s Day drew crowds. It took place right in the center of Minsk. 45 activity zones, impressive musical line-up, a food court and a game zone with 120 computers for WoT fans attracted lots of people.
-          Big Festive Fireworks
The 20-minute light show was really great and no one was bored!

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 How did you celebrate Minsk`s birthday? Which event impressed you most?

понедельник, 14 августа 2017 г.

Her Majesty

Queen Elizabeth II was crowned as queen at the age of 25 and today when we think of Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary (Her Full Name), the image that comes to our mind is of dignity &authority. She is the only reigning monarch to complete 63 years on the throne in British history.She is the Queen of 16 member states of the Commonwealth of Nations. We can call her as the most extraordinary women as The Queen has conferred over 387,700 honors and awards since 1952. Here are some of the interesting facts about Queen Elizabeth II

суббота, 27 мая 2017 г.

Heta Belarus, detka!

 HetaBelarus Dzietka is a blog about Belarus written by two blond-blue-eyed girls who view the country with foreign eyes. They  want to celebrate together with their readers the Belarusian uniqueness.  Through a series of articles about the sometimes strange, special and affectionate things they have encountered in Belarus they will lead you on a journey to understanding the character of Belarus, which they have learned to love so much.
Read and comment on the stereotypes you agree on.