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Blabberize allows you to upload an image, have the mouth’s image move in a comedic way, and then “speak” your voice. Students can use their own photos, or a famous person, cartoon character, etc. Blabberize can be used in the same way ESL/EFL teachers sometimes have students use puppets — students can feel more comfortable speaking when it’s not really “them” doing the talking.

A Voki is a talking avatar students can design and easily post on a blog or website. Sue Waters has written excellent step-by-step instructions on how to post a Voki.

LiveMochais a fast-growing language-learning site that has an incredible number of features. For speaking, not only can users send their recording to whomever they choose, but there’s also a social network component that lets others provide feedback. Another nice aspect of the site is that it’s structured so that users are responding directly to prompts from LiveMocha’s scaffolded teaching/learning system.

Voice Thread is well-known. Between the free unlimited account for educators, the ability to type text as well as record audio, the ability to grab images off the Web to reinforce understanding, and the great feature of being able to leave audio comments, I don’t think anything beats it.

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Возможности сервисов Web 2.0 в преподавании
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Some more useful links:

  1. lesson plans, ideas, inspirations and useful tools – you can spend a whole day browsing this site even without registering;
  2. British Council and loads of CPD resources – you can spend days browsing the site (they also have awesome research papers and publications here);
  3. Breaking News English: a never ending source of real English, interesting news and ideas for discussions;
  4. Teach-nology: a great site with various games, printable materials;
  5. Puzzle-Maker: you can make your own word search, crossword etc.;
  6. ESL Partyland: a really nicely organised site with all the help a teacher might need for different classes;
  7. Webquests: a repository of various webquests on different topics and levels which you can use either in the classroom or as a homework;
  8. Online Newspapers: a site full of newspapers (some of them in English) which may be a perfect tool for many projects in the classroom as well as self-study materials;

Интернет ресурсы для учителей иностранного языка

Онлайн-словари, переводчики, тезаурусы

Дополнительные материалы для обучения английскому языку  на I ступени общего среднего образования

Дополнительные материалы для обучения английскому языку на II ступени общего среднего образования

Дополнительные материалы для обучения английскому языку на III ступени общего среднего образования

Интернет ресурсы для обучения восприятию иноязычной речи на слух

Внеклассная работа по предмету "Иностранный язык"

  Деятельность клуба ЮНЕСКО 


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