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1. Test Your English – vocabulary test
First of all you want to know where you stand. Take this
vocabulary test and find out your score and a description of your level in comparison with native speakers and speakers around the world.
TIP: Write down your score and do the test again in 6 months and in 1 year. If you are working on your English, there is no way that number wouldn’t increase. The more you surround yourself with natural English, the higher the number will be. All you need is – focus!

2. – largest online dictionary and more. All words are shown in context in many example sentences which are also translated! You don’t see that anywhere else online. Pronunciation included. This is an incredibly promising website as apart from the dictionary they have other tools which are superbly handled.
TIP: Check out their
Phrases section, Vocab learning section (with flashcards) or Quiz section. Can’t wait for their mobile version!

3. – words in context
You need to learn words in context. Not from a notebook with lists full of unrelated words but on flashcards/post-it notes with example sentences. But where do you find such example sentences? You can go to a dictionary OR you can use! The web application lists hundreds of sentences from NewYork Times, The Economist, CNN and other news sources to show how words and phrases are used in real language.
TIP: Use the filter on the right to choose whether your word appears at the beginning or the end of the sentence (Rule) or in which tense (Tense) and context it’s used (Context). And you can scroll down to find the word’s synonyms.

4. Ozdic – collocations dictionary
A collocation is a fixed expression of two or more words that go together, like “fast food” or “go to bed”. A collocations dictionary is thus very useful if you want to know which words go together, e.g. with the word “choice”. 
 TIP: This is particularly useful for bloggers and those who need to write more complicated texts in English, such as essays, business proposals or presentations.

5. Lyrics Training – recognize words in songs
If you like music and have been learning a lot of English from songs,
you’ll love this website. You find a song and your level and you play the song. You must fill in the missing words, depending on your chosen level, where 10%, 25%, 50% or 100% of the words are missing. It’s perfect for your listening skills as they don’t let you listen further until you guess the word correctly (you do have an option to click the “Give up” button though).
TIP: Work with at least 5 songs per week and watch your English improve.

Готовимся к экзаменам 
 Practice your grammar:
 The Verb. Active Voice.
Part 1
Part 3

The Verb. Passive Voice.

The Noun. 
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 
Part 4

The Article.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Exercises and Tests

Grammar Practice


Test Yourself

Grammar Tests

Practice your listening skills:

1.        Have you ever had, or would you like to have, a pet?
2.        How does your family usually celebrate New Year?
3.        Have computers improved our lives?
4.        What motivates you to study?
5.        What do you like about your country?
6.        Would you like to own a car?  Why or why not?
7.        In your opinion, what qualities are important in a friend?
8.        Should rich people help poor people?
9.        Who was your favourite teacher in high school, and why?
10.    When did you last go on a holiday?  What was it like?
11.    If you hadn’t entered college, what job would you like to have?
12.    What kinds of books do you like?
13.    In what ways are you similar to, or different from, your parents?
14.    Is it important to look good?  Why or why not?
15.    Is religion a good thing or a bad thing?
16.    What makes a happy marriage?
17.    What do you do in your spare time?
18.    What kind of movies do you dislike?
19.    What do you plan to do during the next vacation?


·         What kinds of movies do you like?
·         What are some good movies that you’ve seen?
·         Do you think there is too much violence on TV and in movies?
·         Should movies be classified?  (This means that children won’t be allowed to watch some movies that contain violence, sexual themes, etc).
·         What kinds of books do you like?
·         Should books be censored?
·         What fun things can people do for $5000?
·         What do you do in your spare time?
·         What kind of movies do you dislike?
·         What kind of music do you like?
·         What games do you like?
·         What do you think about computer games?
·         What do you think about soap operas?
·         What sports do you like?
·         What magazines do you like?

Love and Marriage

·         Describe a perfect date.
·         Do you think marriage is necessary?
·         How did you meet your girl/boyfriend?
·         What do you think about love on the Internet?
·         Does getting married mean losing your freedom?
·         Is it okay for a couple to live together before getting married?
·         How long should a couple know each other before they get married?
·         If your parents didn’t like your boy/girlfriend, what would you do?
·         What qualities are important in a good husband/wife?
·         What makes a happy marriage?
·         Is it okay to date a person much older or younger than yourself?
·         What do you think about arranged marriages?
·         What would you do if your husband/wife had an affair?
·         What do you like to talk about on a date?
·         What’s the best way to find a girl/boyfriend?


·         Do you think we should worry about the environment?
·         What causes poverty?
·         Do you think women are discriminated against?
·         What do you think about the one child policy?
·         Are illegal drugs a problem in China?
·         What can we do about pollution?
·         Should the main goal of a company be to make money?
·         Should the government help poor people?
·         Should rich people help poor people?
·         What is life like for an unmarried mother?
·         Why are there so many wars?
·         Is religion a good or bad thing?
·         Should rich countries help poor ones?
·         What do you think about the death penalty for serious crimes?
·         What do you think about beggars?

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