суббота, 18 марта 2017 г.

Fame and Success

Comment on the proverb you like most:

Various are the roads to fame.
The brave is known by his fame
Fame is a magnifying glass.
Failure is the mother of success.
The secret of success is constancy of purpose.
A bold attempt is half of success.

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  1. Most of all I like this proverb: the secret of success is constancy of purpose. This is true, because the desire for something, the desire for a specific goal can be crowned with success. It's confirmed by many successful people. For example, Phil Knight, the founder of the Nike compony, starting with the saling other shoes, setting himself a specific goal, he achieved results. Nowadays, Nike's annual income is a 30 billions dollars.

  2. The secret of success is constancy of purpose.
    Perhaps one of the most difficult things in life is to know who you really are. A key to knowing yourself is to know not only your purpose in life but also to realise your life's purpose and to live in alignment with it. I do believe that it will create an experience of unprecedented joy and a new level of fulfilment in your life. By the way, After realising your own true potential, here comes the need of your own unique purpose.
    Well I feel that purpose can only come to our mind when our eyes and soul are open, so that we can take all the possibilities and opportunities from our life. Freedom is incredibly valuable so I'm encouraging us to break free from it. What is more, we should be willing to give up certain things and take some risks. Just wanting or hoping for a change isn't enough, and although there may end up being some loss in the end, it can definitely be worth it.
    In conclusion, I must say that when you find something just to take care or dedicate yourself to is already a great success! All you need is stay true, to be strong and develop your ideas no matter what the future hold for you.

  3. The secret of success is constancy of purpose.
    Follow one purpose, if your constantly changing your purpose then your never going to achieve any of them. This purpose just means keeping to one goal. If you stick to that goal to the very end there is no room for failure.

  4. "Failure is the mother of success".
    To succeed an individual always has to learn on his own mistakes. There are no inventions that were achieved without any failures. It is important, because people should remember all their previous mistakes in order not to make them again. That is why I like this proverb and agree with it.

  5. I think the proverb :«Секрет успеха - это постоянство цели» . That's right, because if you follow one goal, then the probability of achieving it is higher than if you followed several. For example, the same Ludwig van Beethoven, completely devoid of hearing, continued to write and became one of the greatest composers.

  6. I like most the proverb 'Various are the roads to fame'. People want to become famous. Everyone chooses his own path. Some begin to work hard,study hard, dance, sing, do sports, and become famous for their diligence and work. Others come to fame by dishonest ways and cheat. THere are those who dream up an interesting story about themselves or do thoughtless actions in society. There are people who do not care what they will be known for, and they just kill the singers or the president. And everyone knows them. Another way to fame.

  7. "Fame is a magnifying glass". I like this proverb the most because in some cases it is true. Why? Some people, when the become famous, forget about their friends, about the feelings og others. They want to become more famouse and they become selfish. They kill in themselves all good things, their thougts, world outlook. They kill themselves in some cases.

  8. "Failure is the mother of success". I like thus quotation, because I think it's absolutely true. You can't reach success without mistakes, because if you do something, you make mistakes, learn from them and do it again, but with experience and exact idea of doing it right. When you don't do anything, of course you don't make mistakes, but also you don't achieve anything. So we learn through failure how to reach success.

  9. I like most the proverb "A bold attempt is half of success". I think that if a person does not try to do what he is afraid of, he will never achieve anything. You must overcome yourself and take the first step. Then a great future may open before you or not. You'll never know this without making an attempt. I believe that everything depends on you.

  10. Fame is a magnifying glass.
    I like this proverb because in our life we have a lot of people who became famous because of there indifference. Every day it's becomes more and more noticeable. So we are not to forget about people around us.